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How were "internally displaced persons" treated by their fellow compatriots?

Asked 6 months ago by Valerio

Hi Indy and crew! My hometown was on the Piave frontline after Caporetto, so the Italian government evacuated it. Families (including those of my great-grandparents) were moved in other towns and cities away from the front: some in other places in Veneto, but others to Milan, Tuscany, or even as far as Sicily. While many families built a strong friendship with the host families across the country, others were hosted disrespectfully, used as cheap labor-force and accused of being the culprits for the war (since Italian soldiers were fighting for "their" lands). Can you tell us more about how these people were treated by their fellow countrymen, in Italy and elsewhere (I imagine France had lot of them from their North-East too)?

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