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Love the work you guys are doing. I have read that Ignacy Paderewski met with President Wilson and convinced him to include Polish Independence in the 14 Points. Some accounts claim that in exchange, Paderewski helped deliver the Polish vote in the 1918 election. Do you have any information on this? Have you done, or are you planning to do, a special episode on Paderewski and his role in securing independence for a post-WWI Poland.

Asked 9 months ago by Rob Zrabkowski

In 1914, Wilson was vilified by Polish American organizations because of his racist remarks that he had written regarding Eastern European immigrants to the US. He won that election, in large part, because of the split in the GOP. Without that help, he needed every constituency to win re-election. So it would have been natural to turn to Paderewski, a recognized leader of the Poles and Polish Americans to bring that constituency on-board.

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