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Did Bavarian troops have some kind of elite status in the German Army?

Asked 1 year ago by Anonymous

Dear Indy and crew, I have a question for out of the trenches. I was to Verdun twice about ten years ago and I also visited Fleury. If I remember correctly it was mentioned there that in the fights for the village Bavarian troops participated heavily in the storming, conquering, defending and regaining the village and the area around it. Also I saw in the brilliant tv production "Augenzeugen berichten ├╝ber Verdun" by German Werth (it is on youtube) that Bavarian troops were among those who advanced the furthest in the battle. In Verdun the Bavarian troops attacking were described as elite units, if i remember correctly. So now my question is to what amound this description is correct. Were Bavarian troops better trained or better equipped? Or were the mentioned troops just very well trained troops inside the Bavarian Army? Or were they just declared elite in the aftermath, since they participated among the fiercest and most terrible fights the world has seen until then? Thanks a lot for answering and thanks for the diligence you put in to every episode. Cheers from Munich!

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